Press Release

December 8, 2011


Contact: Debi Quirk
RN Patient Advocates of Puget Sound, PLLC
206.505.7885 (office); 206-818-2688 (cell)


Seattle, December 8, 2011--As the country continues to deal with the future of our healthcare system, a new company launched today offers services to empower patients and guide them through the healthcare maze. Patients get assistance in understanding what their illness means, along with guidance on the best options available for care. In this way, patients are able to access the most appropriate treatment for their health challenges. RN Patient Advocates of Puget Sound founder, Debi Quirk, is a Masters-prepared Registered Nurse with 34 years of a broad range of clinical nursing experience, including 20 years of teaching future nurses at the university level. She recently completed extensive training in patient advocacy through RN Patient Advocates and the University of Arizona.

The RN Patient Advocacy course is celebrated as a new model for patient care in the US. “Karen Mercereau, a well-practiced nurse and visionary leader, is developing a form of practice to provide care not readily available–that of a nurse advocate. A nurse dedicated to helping people bewildered about how to navigate our torturous healthcare system and obtain the best, most relevant care available, including services considered complementary to our typical biomedical care” said Joan L. Shaver, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor and Dean, University of Arizona, College of Nursing.

Said Quirk: “We will collaborate with your doctors on your behalf, and help you to understand what is happening. You will know what your best treatment options are. You will not have to navigate through this alone. We are knowledgeable in all modalities--conventional, functional and integrative medicine. We can ask those questions that you do not know how to ask, and explain the answers to you and your family. You will have us by your side along with the most current knowledge and research, including evidence for best practice."

RN Patient Advocates of Puget Sound differs from a hospital’s patient advocate because empowered patients recognize that the hospital’s advocate works for them, not you. As such she might not be the best person to assist you in a difficult situation. It is important for you to realize whose interest the advocate ultimately serves and if their services meet your needs.

“I have a passion for empowering patients to obtain the best and safest care possible," Quirk said.

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