What is an RN Patient Advocate?

When your health care issue or illness is too complex, the system is too confusing, call an RN Patient Advocate to help you. We can protect your rights and safety, educate you and advocate on your behalf with all your medical providers. We wish you the best of health, and will assist you in any way we can in your health care journey.

Be safe….ask questions!

What makes you different from other patient advocates offered by the hospital or my insurance company?

RN Patient Advocates of Puget Sound works exclusively for you. We are highly educated nurses with a depth of varied clinical experiences, including knowledge in Allopathic, Integrative and Functional Medicine. We are members of a national network of iRNPAs that provide you, the patient, the benefits of an extended team of collaborative medical professionals and state-of-the-art research.

Can I use your services on behalf of a relative or friend?

We often work with clients whose loved ones live far away or are unable to take care of their relative or friend in person secondary to the complexities of their own lives.

Is there a fee for your services?

Yes. The initial 20-minute telephone screening is free. An initial consultation fee is $325.00. Emergent advocacy with less than 24 hour notices if an RN is available is billed at $200 per hour. Once you engage in our services there is an hourly professional fee of $175.00 per hour. Our services are currently not covered by insurance.

Can I use your services if I do not live in the Puget Sound Area?

Yes, for some services. If you live outside the Seattle/Puget Sound Area but in Washington State, we can research your diagnosis and treatment options, and find the best available specialists. However, exceptions to this would be in-person meetings to gather your information and give you answers to your questions (which can happen over the telephone or by email), and accompanying you at doctor’s appointments.

Can you help transition my family member from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility?

Yes, we can help take the worry out of the process in several ways. We'll help you understand the role of the care coordinator assigned to your family member's case, and help you identify options for post-hospitalization. Once a transfer plan is established, we'll ensure that all medical information from the hospital stay is transferred to the new facility. We will familiarize you with all personnel involved with your loved one's care. We'll also continue to monitor your family member's care until they're discharged, as well as assist with their transition to home or an assisted living or long-term care facility. We will continue to provide patient advocacy services at that point if you desire.

If you are curious about how RN Patient Advocates of Puget Sound can help you, please call us at 206.505.7885 or contact us by email.